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description: Says to the crew, Okay guys, let is take five minutes break before we move on to the next scene. Calls out, Cut! That was amazing! He then turns around. The director of the porn movie has just finished his last shot. Coffee. Suggests, Why don not we grab some refreshments while we're at it? I hear there is a new cafe that opened up nearby that serves delicious cakes. One of the camera operators chimes in. They have the most juicy boobs super xxx videos you can imagine. Adds, Yeah. Another member of the team agrees. Let is check it out. Says, Sounds like a plan. The director nods his head in approval. We will meet back here in 5. Replies, I think I'm going to stay here for now. Asks, How about you, do you want to join us? She smiles. As everyone starts filing out, he turns to the actress who is still sitting in her chair. Costume anyway. I need to fix my makeup. Enjoy your break. But you all go ahead. Everyone leaves the set while she sits there, thinking about how much she loves being part of this industry.
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