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Dirty-minded, hardcore sexual pleasure seeking lithuanian babe travels to the big smoke of england with a desire to get her ass fucked by some high quality vibrator

description: Sexual pleasure. Lina is a 20 year old sexy lithuanian babe who has always been fascinated by the idea of getting her ass fucked by some high quality vibrator while she travels to different parts of Europe in search of adventure. Also the reputation of being a major player in the adult entertainment industry. She decides to visit London,England because of its rich history,culture. Lina checks into a hotel near Wembley stadium with the intentions of masturbating herself silly while watching some hot reality hot xxx videos featuring horny european teens having sex. But little did she know that her stay in the big smoke was about to get even dirtier. She discovers an underground world of hardcore pornography where women are used as mere objects of pleasure. As she explores this new world,Lina realizes how much she needs a powerful toy to make all her wet dreams come true. Soon enough,she finds herself in a toy testing facility trying out various types of vibrators on herself hoping to find one that can bring her to multiple orgasms. After hours of jilling herself off,Lina finally finds a super charged rabbit vibrator that makes her clitoris tingle like never before. Starts rubbing it against her sensitive pussy,enjoying every second of it until she reaches a mind blowing climax. She climbs onto her bed. In the end,Lina concludes that english men may be known for their stiff upper lips but they sure do know how to handle a good vibrator!.
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